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Адрес: Кыргызстан, 720005, г. Бишкек, ул. Элебаева, 60.

Адрес: Кыргызстан, 720005, г. Бишкек, ул. Элебаева, 60.

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The List of Presentations

of the Second International

Scientific and Practical Conference

on Earthquake Engineering


June, 24-30, 2018

U.Sh. Azygaliev, K.I. Kengetaev, R.A. Musakov, Kyrgyz Republic, «Implementation of the state program ” Seismic safety in the Kyrgyz Republic»

E.M. Shokbarov, Republic of Kazakhstan, «Pasportization of houses and social facilities in Almaty»

Sh.A. Khakimov, A.T. Azizov, Republic of Uzbekistan, «Problems of seismic safety and condition of the housing development in the Central Asian region»

M.A. Klyachko, Russian Federation, Chairman of the CIS / EAS Intergovernmental Commission on Earthquake Resistant Construction and Reduction of Natural and Technogenic Consequences; President of the League of Experts on the Safe Construction of the Intergovernmental Council for Cooperation in Construction Activities, “Earthquake Lessons and the Seismic Security Challenge”

P.A. Yasunov, Republic of Tajikistan, «The main directions of increasing seismic safety in Tajikistan»

Carina Fonseca Ferreira, Applying the GLoSI to inform large scale investments in school infrastructure in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Eduardo Cansado Carvalho, Former Chairman of CEN/TC250 Subcommittee 8 on Structural Eurocodes, Portugal, «European regulations for seismic assessment, design and retrofitting»

David Mar, Structural Engineer, USA, «Regulations for seismic assessment, design and retrofitting in the USA»

Silvia Dimova, Adamantia Athanasopoulou, JRC-Joint Research Center Ispra, European Commission, Italy, «International experiences in the update of building regulations and adoption of Eurocodes»

I.E. Itskov, Republic of Kazakhstan, « Calculated positions of new norms of the Kazakhstan Republic CR KR 2.03-30-2017 «Building in seismic area»

A.S. Aleshin, Russian Federation, «Russian normative documents of the new generation in the field of seismic zoning»

K.E. Abdrahmatov, M.O. Omuraliev, Kyrgyz Republic, «New map on seismic zoning of the Kyrgyz Republic territory»

M.A. Klyachko, Russian Federation, «About a new intergovernmental standards of «Earthquakes. Macro seismic scale»

Sh.E. Usupaev, Kyrgyz Republic, “Engineering geonomy of the mobile earthquake engineering industry”

A.G. Tyapin, Russian Federation, «Interaction of tower building with the founding of seismic effect»

T.R. Rashidov, I. Mirzaev, D. Bekmirzaev, Republic of Uzbekistan, « Numerical solution of challenges in the seismic dynamic dimensional systems of  underground pipelines»

A.B. Smirnov, A.I. Belova, Russian Federation, «Monitoring of dynamic strength of transport facilities»

F.G. Gabibov, X.R. Bayat, E.M. Shokbarov, Republic of Azerbaidjan и Republic of Kazakhstan, « Analyze and solve some particular engineering  problems, caused by catastrophic earthquakes of hydro technical objects»

M.M. Amirhanov, Russian Federation, «A comparison results of the calculation reinforced concrete buildings on seismic effects in PC LIRA 9.6 and PC LIRA 10.8»

T.B. Duishenaliev, A.S. Duishenbiev, A.A. Orozbaev, Kyrgyz Republic, « Convert the surfaces of deformable bodies with the elements of spatial gradient displacement»

I.I. Vediakov, Russian Federation, «Large-span buildings for the World Cup 2018»

D.Sh. Sharifzoda, Republic of Tajikistan, «Application of combined calculation schemes in high-rise construction using the example of the project “Administrative Building of the Communication Service” in Dushanbe».

A.A. Bubis, Russian Federation, «Revision of SP 14.13330. Features of the new edition»

T.A. Belash, Russian Federation, « The seismic isolation in systems seismic protection of buildings »

N.A. Tokhtaeva, S. Infanti, G. Castellano, Italy and Republic of Kazakhstan, FIP Industrial, « Pendulum insulators for use in buildings»

V.M. Mitasov, Russian Federation, «A new type of dynamic fluctuates for reinforced concrete structures operated in seismic activity zones»

A.A. Asanov, E.S. Gumenikov, T.D. Duisheev, Kyrgyz Republic, «Coal power generation in the conditions mitigation of natural and man-made hazards»

A.A. Bespaev, U.S. Kuralov, U.B. Altigenov, Republic of Kazakhstan, «Method of pre-stressing fibro reinforced  plastics in surface enhancement to restore the serviceability of concrete structures»

S.D. Aldahov, Republic of Kazakhstan, «Усиление зданий школ и дошкольных учреждений (детских садов и яслей), построенных по типовому проекту серии 2КЗ-200С, в г. Алматы»

  1. Temiraliuly, Republic of Kazakhstan, «Experimental studies of masonry reinforced with composite materials on the effect of multi-cycle load»

E.S. Erjanov, Republic of Kazakhstan, «School of earthquake-resistant construction Academician Toleubay Zh. Zhunusov – Situation and Development Prospects»

M.Ch. Apsemetov, Kyrgyz Republic, ” Proposal and Additions to the norms of seismic isolation buildings and bridges in the Kyrgyz Republic”

M.K. Abdybaliev, U.Sh. Azygaliev, N.B. Namazaliev, G.V. Kosivtcov, Kyrgyz Republic, «Processing of SNiP KR 20-02:2009 «Earthquake resistant construction” with the requirements of European standards»

D.I. Esenberlina, Republic of Kazakhstan, «Topical issues of practical application of normative and technical documentation, identical to European standards in seismic construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan»

G.V. Kosivtcov, A.A. Duisheev, N.B. Namazaliev, Kyrgyz Republic, «Development of normative and technical documentation in earthquake-proof construction»

U.Sh. Azygaliev, G.V. Kosivtcov, A.A. Duisheev, Kyrgyz Republic, “Adaptation of regulatory documentation for design and construction in the area of influence of the Ysyk-Ata fracture taking into account additional research”

S.N. Askarbekov, E. Korchubay u., J.J. Tailyakova, Kyrgyz Republic, «Provision of seismic safety with regard to construction standards»

R.T. Akbiev, Russian Federation, «Eurasian SEISMO Assosiation: History of creation and prospects of development »

R.T. Akbiev, Russian Federation, «Eurasian SEISMO Assosiation: Achievements, problems, prospects »

Svetlana N. Brzev, U.T. Begaliev, Canada and Kyrgyz Republic, «Practical Design And Construction Guidelines For Seismic Retrofitting Of School Buildings In Kyrgyz Republic»

K.S. Sultanov, Republic of Kazakhstan, “Comparative analysis of two theories of seismic stability of underground structures”

B.S. Ordobaev, B.T. Mekenbaev, Ch.T. Duishenaliev, Kyrgyz Republic, “Shallow Water Equations For Modeling Of Landslides Movement”

K.D. Salyamova, M.A. Ahmedova, Z.M. Mirzaeva, Republic of Uzbekistan, “Damage to hydraulic structures in strong earthquakes and their safety issues”

A.H. Abdujabarov, A.O. Yakubov, A.M. Alimardonov, Kyrgyz Republic, «Construction of underground and above-ground pedestrian crossings in seismic areas»

M.H. Miralimov, Republic of Uzbekistan, “Numerical simulation with the effect of dissipation”

M.M. Amirhanov, Russian Federation, “Capabilities of PC LIRA 10.8 in the calculation of seismic effects”

F.G. Gabibov, E.M. Shokbarov, Republic of Azerbaidjan и Republic of Kazakhstan, “Development of innovative rubber-metal seismic isolators from recycled waste”

Rustam Abirov, Republic of Uzbekistan, “To the calculation of the tunnels using the boundary element method”

V.A. Lapin, Republic of Kazakhstan, “Analysis of accelerograms recorded during an earthquake near the Kapshagai HPP”

  1. Sagdiev, V.A. Galiaskarov, N.M. Hasanov, Z.R. Teshabaev, Republic of Uzbekistan, “Experimental studies of the interaction of underground polyethylene pipe with the soil under the action of dynamic loads using the centrifugal modeling method”

V.M. Daugavet, Republic of Kazakhstan, “Determination of dynamic characteristics of buildings using seismic engineering service stations”

J.Y. Mamatov, M.P. Kamchybekov, Kyrgyz Republic, “Experimental model houses with a concrete frame and walls from clay materials of vibroplatforms”

M.S. Marchenko, Russian Federation, “Flat non-beam prestressed floors in seismic construction of public buildings”

T.T. Tolonbekov, Kyrgyz Republic, “Natural mineral and raw materials base of the Kyrgyz Republic”

Y.I. Nemchinov, G.G. Fareniuk, Republic of Ukraina, « Seismic stability of tower buildings. Ukrainian experience»

I.G. Tihonov, Russian Federation, «New type of reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures of buildings and constructions being built in seismic areas»

U.Sh. Azygaliev, U.T. Begaliev, K.T. Kanbolotov, Kyrgyz Republic, «Seismic assessment of existing buidings in Kyrgyz Republic»

E.M. Shokbarov, F.G. Gabibov, H.R. Bayat, Republic of Kazakhstan, “To the seismic risk assessment”

  1. Hamrabaeva, Republic of Uzbekistan, “Results of the assessment of the potential of AGMK’s personnel to reduce seismic risk”

D.T. Kubanychbekov, R.K. Kubatbekov, Kyrgyz Republic, “Overbuilding of loft rooms above existing buildings”

D.T. Kubanychbekov, R.K. Kubatbekov, Kyrgyz Republic, “Mechanochemically modified wood: technology and properties”

A.M. Sanginov, Republic of Tajikistan, “Investigation of seismic resistance of a building with bearing longitudinal and transverse walls and without crossbar slabs”

S.A. Abylov, B.T. Assakunova, G.R. Baymenova, Kyrgyz Republic, “Research and application of the complex product of technogenic”

  1. Holmatov, E.K. Boronbaev, Kyrgyz Republic и Republic of Tajikistan, “Scientific and technical basis for energy efficiency and seismic resistance of low-rise civil buildings”

B.S. Ordobaev, B.M. Seitov, Sh.S. Abdykeeva, A.M. Sanginov, Kyrgyz Republic и Republic of Tajikistan, “Analysis and classification of forms seismic destruction of buildings”

A.K. Matyeva, J.Dj. Asanalieva, Kyrgyz Republic, “Research of technogenic products and their effectiveness as raw materials for the construction industry”

A.K. Matyeva, A.Dj. Duishenalieva, A. Karoolbek k., N.U. Satybaldiev, Kyrgyz Republic, “Features of personnel management in the construction sector”

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