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Адрес: Кыргызстан, 720005, г. Бишкек, ул. Элебаева, 60.

Адрес: Кыргызстан, 720005, г. Бишкек, ул. Элебаева, 60.

Адрес: Кыргызстан, 720005, г. Бишкек, ул. Элебаева, 60.

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Dear colleagues

We invite you to take part in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference on Seismic Resistant Construction from June 24 to June 30, 2018.

The conference is held to discuss, analysis and developing solutions to the problems of seismic safety: seismic zoning, seismic risk, developing of normative technical documents on the construction of the buildings in seismic regions, earthquake resistant construction of buildings and structures, increasing seismic resistance, calculation, modeling and design of construction projects.

The venue is divided into two parts: in Bishkek – organization of the opening ceremony and familiarization with invited papers; further in Karaoi (Dolinka) village – breakout sessions and final plenary meeting adopting the resolution.

Conference format: Leading scientists and specialists having the extensive experience in researching, calculating and designing seismic resistance of buildings and structures from the CIS countries and far-abroad countries, representatives of leading scientific and educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, young scientists, postgraduates, graduates and student youth are invited to the conference.

The objective and tasks of the conference are to extends relations of scientists and specialists in establishing contacts, sharing experience, scientific and technical, and commercial information, to create a dialogue and identify the ways to develop seismic resistant construction, popularize engineering and construction education, attract attention to the problems of seismic safety and seismic resistant construction, quality of calculations, designing and construction buildings and structures.

The conference program includes the invited and plenary papers, thematic reports at the breakout sessions, special presentations, advertising information and exhibitions.


  1. Development of regulatory and technical documentation in seismic resistant construction, ensuring seismic safety
  2. Engineering seismology, quality of engineering and geological surveys, seismic microzoning of the territory of settlements
  3. Innovative technologies in construction of high-rise buildings and unique structures
  4. Modern methods of theoretical and experimental researches in seismic resistant construction
  5. Software packages for modeling, calculation and designing of buildings and structures
  6. Seismic isolation systems and innovative methods of seismic protection
  7. Geoinformation systems and technologies. Assessment of seismic vulnerability and seismic risk, modern methods of certification of buildings and structures.

Reconstruction, strengthening and rehabilitation of buildings and structures

  1. Real estate insurance, economic efficiency in designing and seismic construction. Industrial and environmental safety
  2. Technical regulation, expertise and supervision in the field of construction
  3. Modernization of engineering and seismometric services, vibration diagnostics, monitoring.


  • Ceremonies of signing bilateral agreements on international cooperation in the field of seismic resistant construction, June 25-26, 2018, Bishkek;
  • Cooperation within the framework of the International Association of Experts on Earthquake Engineering, June 27, 2018, Issyk-Kul.


May 30, 2018 – deadline for receiving the participation applications;

June 10, 2018 – deadline for receiving the texts of reports with annotations (annotations are in the Kyrgyz language for Kyrgyz citizens, in the Russian and English languages are compulsory) and presentations;

June 24, 2018 – arrival of foreign guests – scientists and specialists;

June 25-26, 2018 – opening ceremony of the conference, holding of plenary sections with invited papers in Bishkek;

June 27, 2018 – trip to Issyk-Kul, holding of the meeting of the International Association of Experts for Earthquake Engineering.

June 28-29, 2018 – breakout sessions, closing ceremony of the conference, summing up, delivery of diplomas, certificates, adopting the resolution.

June 30, 2018 – Departure of foreign guests.

Before the beginning of the conference, the Bulletin of the International Association of Experts on Earthquake Engineering, including conference materials, will be published.

Attention! Electronic materials of the conference will be published by the results of the conference on the site of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference on Seismic Resistant Construction 2018.iaeee.kg

The best reports will be awarded by diplomas and memorable gifts.


The registration fee of a participant is KGS 5,000 or USD 75 (including VAT and transportation costs Bishkek-Issyk-Kul-Bishkek).

Theses and texts of scientific reports will be accepted and published in the collection only if the registration fee for participating in the conference is paid. On account of one paid contribution, one author (including in co-authorship) can publish only one (1) report.

The publication cost of each additional report of the same author makes KGS 3,500 or USD 50.

The cost of publication (without participation) makes KGS 3,500 or USD 50. 


Theses, no later than May 30, 2018, and the text of the scientific report, until June 10, 2018, shall be sent to the Organization Committee via e-mail.

When preparing the text of the report, use the Times New Roman font, size 12, A4 paper size (210×297 mm) with margins: from the top – 25 mm; on the left – 30 mm; from the bottom – 25 mm; on the right – 15 mm. As an editor MS Word 2007 (and later versions) should be used. The title of the report is printed in capital letters (line spacing 1). 2 lines after the title, the initials and surnames of the authors and the name of the organization (including the city and country) they represent and the authors’ e-mail addresses are printed. After one line, the annotations in the Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages are compulsory. After that, in 2 lines the text of the report is interlaced at intervals of 1.5. Illustrations, tables and bibliography (line spacing 1) should be included in the text of the report. The text of the report should not exceed 5 pages.

The authors shall be fully responsible for the content, style and quality of the report made.

To become an official participant of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference on Seismic Resistant Construction it is necessary to:

To examine and review periodically the website of the II International Conference!

Fill in the application form in the submenu “Online registration”. Each of your response to this questions is required! Please we call for respect registration deadline!

Send thesis of scientific report (if you are preparing a speech) in PDF format to the e-mail address: seismokg@mail.ru

It is necessary to meet the sending deadlines and technical parameters set out in the menu “About the Conference “in the submenu” requirements to reports”!

For your stay in Bishkek reserve hotel rooms in “Golden dragon”, according to the dates of the Conference program. Details, contacts, prices are listed in the menu ” Booking. Bishkek.”

For your stay in Issyk-Kul reserve a place in the Pension “AK maral”, according to the dates of the Conference Program. Details, contacts, prices are listed in the menu ” Booking. Issyk-Kul”.

Pay a registration and publishing fee. See prices and payment terms in the menu  “About Conference”  in the  submenu “registration and publishing fees”.

Note:  For direct payment of fee for the registration of participation in the conference, and for the payment of the publication must be sent to:,

— if the  individual, the full initials of the Name;

— if from legal persons, the full name of the organization, full Name.

To get the bill (possibly by email) from our accountant  Azarkan Asekovna.

Accountant’s coordinates: m: +996 0773 22 96 50; m: +996 0707 75 25; office number: +996 (312) 88 26 84.  E-mail: aduyshokoeva@mail.ru


phone / Fax: + 996 (312) 44-99-03;

+996 (559) 88-87-71 (President),

Executive coordinator: Ashirbaeva  Elmira Malabekovna

  1. 0551 34 55 44 (WhatsApp)
  2. 0502 34 55 44

Web site: 2018 iaeee.kg

e-mail: seismokg@mail.ru

The Executive Committee invites you to take an active part in the conference!

Sincerely ,


Begaliyev Ulugbek Turdalievich


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